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What ever happened to nuance? Jabberwocky is being spewed up by the left and right as they try to drag us into their Wonderlands. This blog charts a path out of this swamp of simple truths and false certainties. And from time to time, it'll be a place for more light-hearted musings.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Greetings and salutations!

I can hardly turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or click on a web page without tearing my still angelic locks. My mind is brimming over with Dennis Milleresque (Come back Dennis!) rants. Sometimes it's the biased and ignorant reporting that will wind up influencing good folks. Sometimes it's the story itself that opens my own eyes to an injustice. Of course, there are plenty of human interest stories that bring a smile to my face, and on occasion there will be mention of good news instead of an incessant focus on the bad. But it's never enough. I have no plans of emulating the esteemed Dr. Pangloss but every intention of naming and shaming Malthusian prophets.

So, what happened to nuance? Jabberwocky is being spewed up by the left and right, who are trying to drag us into their Wonderland. This blog charts a path out of this swamp of simple truths and false certainties. From my current base in Berlin, I will shed light on machinations buried by the mainstream media and expose the fraudulence of the Michael Moores and Pat Robertsons. People yearn to believe and that's ok. Trust me - or as Fox Mulder would say "trust no one" - I really empathize with him, and that's why I cannot twiddle my thumbs when people chow down on outrageous conspiracy theories for breakfast, fuel up with power bias for lunch and chug a pitcher of lies before tucking in for the night. It's nice to be part of a choir, but who's your preacher?

The scope aims to be global, but I will drift towards Euro and Americocentrism. I welcome course corrections and navigational assistance. Our world suffers greatly from anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism, anti-secularism; from racism, misogyny and homophobia; from anti-Catholic, anti-Islam, anti-immigration and anti-globalization sentiments. Under the guise of challenging the powers that be, the Wonderland purveyors of this kind of propaganda are really backward-striving xenophobic Luddites with no plausible alternatives. Reason enough to go on a rant, I would think.

Other than the random heavy political musings, occasional insights into the weird life in Berlin should provide respite. Fanatical ravings about sports may drive you nuts. Did you know that I will be supporting Tunisia during the World Cup here next summer? That's what the tickets tell me. And in hope of attracting advertising euros, I will shamelessly plug good movies, books, food and BEER. This might make up for the ones I skewer.

On a more personal note, I hope this effort brings friends and family up to date on my worldview. So here's a disclaimer of sorts: some of you may be shocked or even offended. If you are, you really shouldn't be. If our opinions differ, take a deep breath. Then get back to me in the spirit of dialogue. That naturally goes for the rest of you as well.

Finally, life really is about love and surfing. And one day I will face the swell of the North Shore.

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