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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Manga, Mangia, Manger...for a Month?

Today the Swamp simply wants to relay the story of odd recent events in Gifu, Japan. This is the story of Kiyoshi Ikeda:

"A man who stayed at a comic-book cafe in Gifu for over a month and ate there without paying was arrested Wednesday, police said.

The unemployed man, referring to himself as Kiyoshi Ikeda, 37, was arrested for fraud. He has reportedly admitted having stayed at the cafe intentionally.

"I ran out of money and I thought I'd stay there until I got kicked out," he was quoted as telling police."

(click here to read more of this wacky, wonderful tale of overstaying one's welcome)

The 34-day Diet of Kiyoshi

I will never feel guilty again for chilling just a tad longer in a café. In Berlin, that's an accepted art form, but elsewhere it was hitherto frowned upon. No más!


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