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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Succinct in 160 characters or less

As many have no doubt noticed, the Swamp loves (ab)using the unlimited space in the blogosphere. But here's a short tale of how even yours truly can keep it clean n' simple.

After coming back from a run yesterday, I flipped on the BBC World Service and they were discussing racism in Germany ahead of the upcoming World Cup. It seems that activists want to put out a map for Berlin and other cities, indicating which areas are unsafe for foreign visitors. The organizers are not happy - worrying about bad PR etc. I mean, really....what comes first? Safety or some glossy postcard Wonderland reality?

What can I say? Well, as I was cooling down, I sent an SMS/text message to the all-purpose BBC World Service number +44 7786 206080:
"There is major denial re: minorites and immigration here. Try being accepted as a non-white here. At best you'll be exotic or (at worst) a victim."
Read other, far wiser, comments from the program here
Text messages - at least on my ancient DJ Kai Sony phone - can be a maximum of 160 characters, this one was around 145.

I sent it 5 minutes before the program ended and what do you know: the presenter read it out to round off the show. (listen here, right sidebar, Tuesday program, last 15-30 minutes)

Would I advise any one I know and care about to go to the areas concerned? No! Do I go there? No! Would I advise them to come check out the World Cup? Yes! Is Germany generally safe? Yes!

More on the events that caused the BBC to take up this subject soon.


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