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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Immigration Iceman Cometh

Today the Senate looks set to finally pass the heavily debated bill reforming the Immigration and Nationality Act. Charles Babington has a good piece in today's Washington Post on how we got here (and where to next), click here.

For more on the last minute deluge of amendments - aimed at making sure that the final version bears as little resemblance as possible to the original McCain-Kennedy proposal - I humbly recommend a previous post on the Swamp, click here, and Duke's thoughts over at Migra Matters, click here.

I hope to have some more on the final version of the bill - including the promised commentary on the English language amendments - posted as soon as possible. But whatever shape or size it assumes, its fate in the joint Senate-House conference committee is decidedly up in the air.

Update: The bill just passed by a 62-36 vote - with four Democrats casting nay votes and 23 Republicans, i.e. not a majority of them, casting yeas. Click here for more by Charles Babington in tomorrow's paper. Also, Amy Goldstein examines 'hidden traps' within the bill, and lets some talking heads offer their two cents, click here.


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