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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

World Cup Beer Update

First and foremost, here are two excellent articles on my king of beer types, bock beer, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, click here and here. 'Tis indeed the season....

In the wake of the Budweiser World Cup brouhaha it seems that the St Louis, Missouri brewing giant is on the offensive. Here's a summary of recent court rulings on which country's German immigrants are allowed to brew Bud, Budweiser, Budvar etc and where they they're allowed to do so. It seems that the descendents of German immigrants to the Czech regions have competing historical claims with their kinfolk who once headed to Missouri. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

BTW, Budweiser USA is not allowed to market its beers at "Budweiser" in Germany since the Czech company Budvar Budweiser has the copyright on the name "Budweiser Budvar" there. As if that wasn't enough, German brewer BITburger (watch out for the annoying song) then claimed that Budweiser's nickname "Bud" was too similar to its "Bit". Puh-lease. They reached a compromise that benefits all of us: Bitburger will be the only other beer for sale at stadiums and Budweiser will sell its beer under the new name "Anheuser Busch Bud", which may confuse some folks.

Speaking of confusion about the national origin of beers. If you ever wanted a list of beers from the 32 countries (OK, not Iran and Saudi Arabia) participating in the World Cup this summer, here's a brilliant and entirely subjective guide from the Publican, a UK pub site.

Finally, in another World Cup development it seems the Bavarian company that tried to cash in on the worst and weirdest mascot ever, GOLEO, is now bankrupt..... Now why am I not surprised?

Good-bye Goleo!

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