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Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Trash Talk

NOTE: Please check out the Swamp later today, a new post featuring Viking War Paint is in the works. For now, it's off to the game! Go Tunisia...I mean, Ukraine....ehhhh....

The First Round is almost over and we’re back in Berlin to catch the Tunisia-Ukraine game at Berlin’s rather infamous Olympic Stadium. While we’re still supporting Tunisia, we kind of hope that Ukraine pulls through. That way we get an extra day in Berlin and get to watch Spain play France, South Korea or Switzerland in Hanover. Otherwise we have to ship out early on Monday and go all the way to Cologne. Confused? Don’t worry, it’s all about how the teams finish in each group.

Frenzied Fans Watching Cote D'Ivoire-Holland

In other news, it’s all about the trash talk! Ahead of the Sweden-England game, various English media outlets engaged in some friendly ribbing. And some were just plain pathetic, read this ‘jewel’ from an expat Swede, who having found paradise as a “little Englander”, now writes for the xenophobic Daily Mail. From the land of the midnight sun to bottom-feeding and lapping up warm beer….way to go!

Well, that didn’t work, now did it? Regardless, the German media are now engaged in the kind of campaign they usually deplore. You see, whenever England face Germany, the Brit media goes even crazier than in that Sweden article above. And the Germans get very upset, especially when the war somehow gets mentioned.

Now that Germany is bound for their own Teutonic Valhalla (i.e. Munich) tomorrow, confronted with the mighty hammers and feet of Thor and Zlatan, they are trying to talk the trash since they can’t walk the dawg.

Sweden is being lambasted as the land of IKEA Kickers and Knäckebröd Men. Oh yeah, and home of the moose attacks (they got that one wrong ). This from a country that lets a crazed bear run loose and then employs supposed FINNISH! bear experts to chase it down! (CLICK HERE for that wacky tale!) Gott im Himmel!

(Relaxed) Fans of all Ages, (c) Akko

A quick look in today’s Bild Zeitung, Germany´s tabloid reveals that Germany has a plan on how to try to avoid their impending doom. Read that here. It´s in German, but the graphics tell the tale and smack of desperation. "You think you can take us? You need a *(&%army to take us…."

Finally, yesterday was another glorious day as tons of pundits had to place more orders of humble pie. Both Ghana and Australia progressed out of really tough groups (as the near brilliant Cote D´Ivoire should have done). So you’ll be hearing things like “not highly rated” or “surprising underdogs”. Whatever. Ghana dominated against the Czechs last week, just like Australia controlled the game vs. Croatia yesterday. We are not talking about flukes here.

So while I was saddened by the U.S. exit, and disgusted by the refereeing, Ghana definitely deserved it. At least some face paint (thanks Leeza, and, yes, that's Jimi James in the background) cheered people up - and probably riled some fools!

And there's always the beer…does it ever run out in Germany? NO!

Skål, Cheers and Prost! Go Ghana, Australia and Sverige!


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