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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pagan Rituals Backfire, Vilhelm Smiles

So there we were in yet another gigantic Berlin biergarten: War paint on, beer flowing, chants going strong, midsummer in air and engaged in endless pagan dances. It was so clearly going to be a day to remember. And so it was, but for all the wrong reasons. Somehow Sweden managed to lose a game that was in the bag and thrown down a mine shaft. It should've been like wolfing down a plate of Swedo-Teutonic meatballs.

Maybe I should've seen it coming when our group of 7 Sweden fans was suddenly surrounded by thousands of Germans. It was like this photo (c) Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images only worse. Zlatan (as were we) was outnumbered: big time. And in the biergarten they were dancing, turning the tables on us, and as midsummer grew suddenly cold, the pagan rituals were virtually nullified.

And thus Germany Prince Poldi (Lukas Podolski's nickname, playing off a Dutch cookie that's worshipped in Deutschland) scored two goals in the opening twelve minutes while the headless chickens were still maxing and relaxing. Sweden then had to play with 10 men after its best defender Teddy Lucic was sent off in the 35th minute for a supposed foul. Henrik Larsson, of all people, missed a penalty shot at the start of the second half. And so on, and so on. A hex, pure and simple.

Prince Poldi Took a Bite out of the Swedish D

So please know this when you even think of uttering something like: "As expected, Germany won", "Sweden had no chance" , "German precision bla bla bla", "BMW Men flatten IKEA Kickers" "The Scorpions Mete out Justice to ABBA wannabes" .... It ain't that simple. In 7 games out of ten, Germany will beat the Swedes, but only once in a blue moon will this kind of midsummer madness transpire.

In other World Cup news, we just witnessed the dirtiest match in World Cup history. Holland tried to cheat its way past Portugal, but were schooled in the art of playing soccer. Nice one Portugal! How nasty was this game? See the all-telling collage photo (c) AFP/Getty Images! The game was a disgrace.

OK, time to rest, bake a humble meatball pie for y'all and dream of an alternative reality. One in which Prince Poldi sits atop of a maypole while Zlatan dances around him till break of dawn.


PS Don't believe that this lil setback brings down a true Sweden fan. Just look at this guy, seen here with his lovely mother! Vilhelm, nearly eight months old, was pleased as can be even after the final whistle - ok, so the photo was taken a few weeks ago. Still, I know he was smiling yesterday. Thanks JMF for this awesome photo. Und ja wohl, kudos and congrats to Germany! Let's just hope the players can back up the increasing "Bye Bye Swedes, Have a Safe Trip Home, We will be World Champs" chants and claims. If not, I see major pie n' cookie baking in someone's future.

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Blogger Erin said...

A hex would indeed explain Saturday's little, well, shall we just say, Saturday's unfortunate, once in a blue moon performance.

Of equal (if not more) importance, ADORABLE picture!


3:42 AM  

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