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Thursday, November 02, 2006

L.A. Jury to Save the World from Swedish Huckster

Updated on 11/3/2006: A mistrial has been declared!!! Oh well, a temporary setback.
Also, see this link for yet another mindboggling write-up on this saga.

Yes, you read correctly - a L.A. jury may for once actually do the right thing.

The Swampmeister is currently in sunny Los Angeles and an important criminal case has come to his attention. Unlike O.J., Rodney King's tormenters in blue, Robert "Baretta" Blake or the King of Pop, Bo Stefan Eriksson, a native of Sweden, looks unlikely to find any mercy from his designated Californian peers. This jury will surely not acquit....

Ex-Uppsala mafioso BSE (with lawyer) at the pre-trial hearing and during the trial.
(c)Reuters/Chris Pizzello and AP/Ric Francis

Eriksson has such an amazingly sordid record (cocaine, hit and runs, stolen cars fraud etc.) that it's totally mindboggling to think he was let into the U.S. in the first place. In this day and age of heightened terror-related paranoia and anti-immigrant sentiment, here's one guy you don't want in your country. Here's one guy who managed to import three one-million cars that belonged to British banks! Customs, DHS? No problems!

In fact, BSE (you gotta love someone with the same initials as Mad Cow Disease!) somehow become a deputy commissioner in an "anti-terrorism" unit run by the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority! Seriously. It should be added that the only reason he was free to roam is that the sentence imposed following a fraud and counterfeiting case in Sweden was halved from ten to five years! Stranger than fiction....

Read about Bo Stefan's mad life in this excellent L.A. Times feature (e.g. how Busta Rhymes and Sting helped him promote some gadget that never worked) or in this wire story on the car crash that allowed the authorities catch up with him.

A photo from the aftermath of the Ferrari Enzo's spectacular 200 mph crash that led to his eventual arrest (c) Wrecked Exotics.

Update: A hung jury (10-2) has resulted in a mistrial, so this L.A. jury botched its first chance to dish out some justice. Also, I came across this fascinating Wired exposé (props to on the amazing life of Bo Stefan.


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